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Bank Loans UK Direct Lender

With the development nowadays, looking for a lender is easy. Everyone has a wide access to every bank loans direct lender. Banks and traditional lending facilities are not the only sources you have when you want to borrow money. If you’re looking for a loan provider, you can visit a high street loan office, call their customer service, or go to their online website.

Traditionally, you can acquire money by visiting a payday loan office. However, you need to exert time, patience, and effort. You need to dress and impress the lender, drive your way to the office, and carry a handful of requirements. You also need to be aware of their working hours; in case you missed it, you need to go back again on the next day. The advantage, however, is that you can verify the lender’s licenses and registrations. You can also ask your concerns and have it answered directly by the loan provider.

Meanwhile, if you want less hassle and you have access to the phone, you can call the loan provider instead. The loan process is simpler as there’s no need to get out of your home or fall in line. Some lenders, however, may require you to fax forms and documents to complete your application. Applying over the phone is faster and easier. Usually, the lender releases his decision in a matter of minutes and you can get the fund you need on the same day.

Applying over the Internet is, by far, the easiest. Faxing requirements is not required rather, the borrower needs to fulfill an online application form with his personal and financial details. The risk, however, is high especially with the scammers present online. Therefore, be sure to choose your lender carefully to avoid identity theft. Nevertheless, the online platform provides quick cash and you can have the money you need in less than an hour!

Bank Loans Guarantor

Bank loans are often strict with their requirements and if you have a bad credit, your chances of getting approved are slim. One way to acquire cash easily is to find a bank loans guarantor. This means providing someone who will vouch and verify your identity and capability and co-sign the loan contract. It can be anybody – your friend, parent, workmate, or employer. As long as the person knows and trusts you and is willing to guarantee the loan, then he may be ideal. However, he needs to be of right age (21+ and above), employed, and a homeowner.

The loan is intended for bad credit borrowers or those who have never borrowed from a bank or lending facility before. Since there is no credit history to review, the lender will still find the borrower risky despite meeting the lender’s criteria. Although there is an option to provide collateral, some debtors may not have a property to pledge. If you’re one of these borrowers, a guarantor loan might be a perfect option.

Instead of providing collateral, you can use the guarantor as a security against the loan. Rather than losing any property in case of default, the guarantor will settle the loan on your behalf if you stopped repaying the loan.

Bank Loans No Guarantor

Although guarantor loans can increase your approval rate, having bank loans with no guarantor is easier to get. There’s no need to conduct a lengthy verification process and more or less, you can get your money in one day. Even with a bad credit history, the lender can provide you the financial assistance you need even without a cosigner. In case you choose to apply online, the entire loan application process is two times faster. No paperwork is required, thus it’s hassle-free.

Normally, all you need is to finish an application form and once it is approved, the loan provider will transfer the fund to your provided bank account. But aside from the monetary assistance, you can also use the loan to improve your credit score. The amount given by the lender is usually smaller compared to other types of loan, therefore, it’s easier to settle. However, you need to ensure that there will be no late or missed payments or default; otherwise, you may suffer even more. Apart from making your credit score worse, the lender has the right to take legal action against you. In the future, creating a new line of credit is almost impossible.

Bank Loans: Bank Loans Instant

Bank loans instant provide a quick decision, thus the name. The lender’s decision is released in a matter of minutes, as long as the borrower can comply with all the requirements. The online application platform contributes to its time-sensitive nature. Apart from their fast decision making, these lending companies do not ask for many requirements, thus finishing the entire process in a speedy manner. However, the decision is largely based on the loan seeker’s credit history.

Bank Loans Bad Credit

When looking for a lender, you can choose to visit its brick and mortar or go online; but the question is: how many lenders will entertain you despite the bad credit? Although there are bad credit lenders available, your options are still limited and are not as pleasing as the ones offered to good credit borrowers. Therefore, it takes time and effort to find the best one. The right lender is just not the one who offers better rates; he also offers flexible terms and conditions and appealing repayment options.

To find the right loan provider, you need to be the right borrower first. Be sure that you’re at the right age before borrowing and if you can improve your credit score before making a new line of credit, then do so. Also, treat loans as the last resort as they don’t come for free. Every loan comes with an interest rate and other charges, so be sure that your income is enough to handle it. Ask for a referral or seek professional assistance when you’re clueless about how to start. There are many loan brokers who can offer their service for free.

Representative 305.9% APR.
Representative example: £400 borrowed for 90 days.
Total amount repayable is £561.92 in 3 monthly instalments of £187.31.
Interest charged is £161.92, interest rate 161.9% (variable)

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadvice.org.uk.


FinanceJar is a credit broker and not a lender. We pass your information to a lender once you have been accepted for a plan. We take a fee from the lender only, once you’re approved and we do not add charges to your plan in doing so.